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Our Boundless Academy, La Entrada, Copan, Honduras

Our Boundless Academy, Sin Limitles Acadmia, is a beautiful example of educating the many at-risk youths of the country starting with elementary aged students. This tiny mountain village, Samarguala, in the Department of Copan is comprised of about 18 families. There has never been a school before now. The children would have had to walk 4 miles to the nearest opportunity to learn. Due to the dangerous situations that await small children, this was not possible.  This school started as a small group of children in the house of an elder and has grown to be a 4 grades of educated, intelligent, dreamers who want to be teachers, doctors, nurses, sugar farmer, policemen, chefs, fashion designers and yes, a travel agent!  It is this mindset that will shift the small village into one that is thriving with abundant resources that can support itself and other neighboring communities. It is our hope that the school will grow into more than two rooms to educate the surrounding villages as well. ​​

Impact of Project

Completed May 2021, Now 27 students in grades 1-4 have attended for 2 years with perfect attendance with the exception of one student who moved with her family too far into the mountains to make the journey. The school is now also being used to teach the adults to read and write in the evening. Additionally, it is such a success that the smaller kinder students want to learn like their older bothers and sisters and parents. There were 3 students ages 4-5 that peeked into the school listening and eager to learn. They now have seats in the classroom! 


Drone footage of the remote location

Previous Conditions

The community has no running water, no public facilities and there is no public transportation.  While there are a couple of cars in the village, horses are still a regular method of transport.  The most important thing missing for this community is a school.    

This generous soul, gentleman Senior G, was lending his one room house four children and a teacher as a temporary solution while he stayed outside to give them space. This was in order to form a system of learning. 

Impact Report Upon Request


The New Construction of Our Boundless Academy took a little over 2 months. The community supplied the labor, the municipality donated 10,000 bricks and our supporters made the project happen. 

A special thank you to Victoria Rose of Roatan Isle, Honduras for making the connection between the two organzating and catalyzing this miracle.

Kids from the village awaiting the school opening in Samarguela
Shannon Rizzo - Founder, breaking ground for the first school in Honduras. A humanitarian and social change catalyst with over 25 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, Shannon consults change leaders of non-profit organizations, conscious corporations, and social entrepreneurs globally, advising them on all aspects of how to create a lasting living legacy by preserving the earth, animals, and building communities with educational opportunities in some of the poorest corners of the world.

Aligned Values & Partnerships

Land for the construction of a two-classroom schoolhouse plus two washrooms was donated by a local elder who gave up farm property to allow the school to be built. The local community members have also committed to providing manual labor to support the project for their children. A value we always look for when assisting with school builds is that the community is committed to the success as well.


The project costs for school construction are solely for that purpose.  There is no current budget for staff, school supplies, uniforms, desks, or classroom equipment so fundraising was used for these costs as well. 

Impact Investor & Dedication

We are humbly grateful to the compassionate individuals who made this school possible. Their generous contributions, including those from supporters who prefer to remain anonymous, have helped us shape a better future for our students.

Our community extends beyond those who provide monetary assistance; we've also been privileged to host supporters who have physically visited the school. Among them, we fondly recall Kara Reville, who chose to celebrate her birthday alongside our students.

Additional heartfelt thanks go to Shannon Rizzo and Jesse James Levan, whose invaluable contributions have greatly aided our mission. Your unwavering support continues to inspire us, as we strive to make our vision of boundless education a reality.

Thank you, one and all, for your belief in the Boundless Foundation


A very Happy Birthday to you, Kara! (Kara is a Boundless Foundation gifter who traveled with us to see the work she was contributing to.)

Opening Ceremony - Shannon Rizzo

It is this mindset that will shift the small village into one that is thriving with abundant resources that can support itself and other neighboring communities. It is our hope that the school will grow into more than two rooms to educate the surrounding villages as well. ​​ Shannon Rizzo. Founder of Boundless Academy delivers an encouraging word to the new students before they enter their school for the first time.

Celebration of Education

May the students and teachers of Our Boundless Academy learn to dream and thrive in their new school. 


May play and fun ride alongside the lessons and growth each student experiences.  🎓✨


Boundless Foundation thanks you for the work you do in service to the children of the world. 

A special thank you to our volunteers and Corporate Sponsors:

Stella Bean Co. for Monthly Support, HWD Aerial Photography for the onsite video and post-editing services, Mindi Staley for website architecture and design, Magnetic Moment, and of course our Board Members who volunteer to make this happen over and over. 

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