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Become a Corporate Sponsor for Boundless Foundation

In 2022, Boundless Foundation has:

  • Celebrated the one year anniversary for our first two schools

  • Three schools currently under construction

  • Six additional schools are identified and in the fundraising stage


Ready to become a corporate sponsor? 

Boundless Foundation has the unique ability to identify communities that will thrive through education. Our team travels to the most unreachable places in the world where children are awaiting an education. We don’t just build schools, we build a gathering place for all in the community to connect, love, and support one another.  


Boundless Foundation is honored to build schools alongside our generous community of givers.  We’ve already exceeded our 2022 goals. Next, our team needs your support to find and locate our schools for 2023 and beyond.  


Our biggest need is running our impact driven process including:

  • Community needs assessments and meetings

  • Identifying school and community commitments

  • Establishing local partnerships with vendors and stakeholders

  • Costs associated with translators, transportation, safety + security

  • Enhancing donor support and experience

  • Improving financial support and transparency

  • Establishing strong external communications and online presence


To support these needs, we have designed a brand new Corporate Sponsorship Package. By participating in Boundless Foundation’s Corporate Sponsorship, your organization will directly facilitate every new build. We want to partner with your organization to take radical social responsibility for the human race and the planet by using your resources to provide educational opportunities to children in remote villages of developing countries. All donations are tax deductible.


Boundless Foundation Corporate Sponsorship Includes:

  • Branded Plaque on a School

  • Partnership link on Boundless Foundation Website

  • Boundless founder, Shannon Rizzo, to share the impact of your generosity at a company meeting or call 

  • Quarterly Updates on all of Boundless Foundation’s schools and progress


Ready to take action? 

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