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"When they use what they have to support their highest ideals
and commitments, and express their deepest values,
their experience of their own true wealth expands."
-Lynne Twist


Sign up here to learn how you can support
Boundless Foundation for your birthday


From Scholarship recipient to Supporter - The cycle is complete.
Watch this video created by Sikkema Osborne, the joy you will feel will surprise you and move you into action.

Let's get your birthday fundraiser started!

This year for your birthday, you can support Boundless Foundation’s mission of ending generational cycles of scarcity and poverty through education.


Your support is needed and all is so much appreciated by us and these kiddos!


Your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5, $50, or $500. Every little bit helps. Thank you for your support.


Facebook takes care of the donation processing with no fees on your end.  Boundless Foundation pays up to 3 percent for processing.

Here’s how it works...

Instructions for Instagram

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Instructions for Facebook

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Be sure to share your fundraiser to your profile and invite your friends and family to support!

Here is some suggested language you can use on the "About" section of your Facebook Fundraising page:


Join me! 

I’m celebrating my birthday by raising money for Boundless Foundation, a 501(c)3 that is on a mission to end generational cycles of scarcity and poverty through education.  

Boundless Foundation creates opportunity where there is none by providing a safe place for women and children to learn to dream. They build schools.

Why Boundless Foundation? Well, they develop a relationship with every community in which they serve. They collaborate with the people to assess their needs and desires, and create a structure that best addresses their needs and vision for their community. At first, Boundless Foundation believed this structure would become the center of the community, a safe place for all generations to learn to dream. Now, they know this to be true.

To date, Boundless Foundation has built two schools in Honduras, that is over 50 children who are now in school. Two more schools have been funded for construction this year, and the foundation is supporting Impact Investors in fundraising for 6 more schools. 

I am raising money for a portion of the administrative costs for the year - my goal is $______ for this fundraiser.

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays!

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