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Building Schools in Remote Villages Globally.


Our Mission: To End Cycles of Poverty Starting with the Current Generation.

Boundless Foundation has built 11 schools: 8 schools in Honduras, 1 in Guatemala, 1 in Cameroon, and installed a clean, safe water filter at one school in Nepal.  Our impact is a proven method of sustainability and and success. With support from you, our Impact Investors, we are currently seeking funding for 3 schools this quarter and have matched vetted communities waiting for our help.
                                                    Join us today. 

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If we can provide one child with ability to dream, then we can provide one family with hope so we can touch the lives of hundreds for generations to come.


Our Boundless Academy was our first school May 2021 and since then with beautiful human beings just like you, we have built two schools and are designing our third one in less than one year.

Our first school, Our Boundless Academy, opened in La Entrada, Honduras, in May 2021. Since then, with the help of beautiful human beings like you,
we have built 11 schools. 
2024 we will build more.
Click Here to See our Progress and Plan.

The potential that one person can gift to the world is truly boundless.

We can help break the cycle of poverty together so the children in these small villages can have the same opportunities we do. Building a school, providing a safe place, sanitary environment and safe water, some schools have warm meals and all have affection to helpour little future leaders to grow in mind, body and spirit, allowing them to #LEARNTODREAM.


Give Now

Give a one time donation, celebrate your birthday with us, round up your purchases.


Travel with Us

Join us for impactful travel to Honduras to build a school.

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Build a School Challenge

In partnership with other organizations or build your own.

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer.

Always remember, you have within you the strength,

the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world."

 -Harriet Tubman

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Boundless Foundation is a philanthropic organization whose mission is to end generational cycles of scarcity and poverty. Boundless does this through enrichment programs that provide women and children with the basic comforts and necessities needed to improve their living conditions.


This year Boundless Foundation will become fully boundless by embracing our mission and offering programs for the entire family beyond the wildest dreams we have had as an organization.

What if our dreamers are unheard in remote locations,

looking for where their next meal will come from instead of learning and playing?

"If you’re going to live, leave a legacy.

Make a mark on the world that can’t be erased." ​

- Maya Angelou

Boundless Academy

Building a school is building a better future for of humankind.

Boundless starts by empowering our little future leaders to recognize their abilities and become boundless in mind, body, spirit and business. They can be a powerful force for positivity and fulfill their unlimited potential.

It starts with children like Sofia, living well below poverty levels, simply hoping for a place to learn to read.  

Boundless Academy provides that safe structure: a school in her village.


In the beginning, she may not even realize what the opportunity for education means to her life, family or community.

Our vision is that one day she will be able to share her dreams with the world, thriving and creating her own ripple of impact for others like her.

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​As Sofia becomes fed, educated, and made to feel safe in her new classes, she becomes eligible for secondary education and the job skills training that will provide more career opportunities in the future.​

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Ultimately, Sofia becomes a teacher, business owner, mentor, and valued leader in her community or ventures out to become a global citizen just like you. 


Sofia will have had the education, training, support, and opportunities that enable her to live her dreams. Her dreams are our dreams, and your dreams are our dreams.

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Boundless Foundation

Listen to your heart.

Join us today in educating the children who would not have this opportunity without us. Help me create the dreamers of tomorrow who will be the change we need in this world.

Get Involved with Boundless Foundation

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Boundless Academy

See for yourself.
Travel with us.

If you want to see what Boundless Foundation is all about in person, this trip is for you. Get to know the people you are helping, meet the children who are benefiting from your giving and help us with our “boots on the ground” work as we scout and move forward with our next school builds.

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