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Our Boundless Academy, Honduras

Our Boundless Academy was the first school project and is located in Samarguela, a small village comprised of 100 families in La Entrada, Honduras,  A few children were learning to read and write in the home of an elder in the village until Boundless Foundation funded and partnered with Arbol DaVita organization to build this school in May 2021. The school is a grand success and now the municipality is paying for the upkeep and the teacher. 

March 2021

The Heart of the Community

National News Video here for ground breaking ceremony. 

May 2021



May 2022

1 Year Check In

In one year the school has grown from 21 students to 27 students. In remote villages where a school is started, all children start in the first grade until they are tested to see their learning level. These students are so eager to learn that they are in perfect attendance and the teacher now teaches grades 1-4 here. A bilingual presentation was given by two of the students at the annual graduation celebration and one student spoke on national television and gave a speech. 

May 2023 checkin  ? Current Needs or thank you to the sponsors?

Project Name

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